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Animal by StitchesAndThePen Animal :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 11 1 Animation of Specimen No. 1904 by StitchesAndThePen Animation of Specimen No. 1904 :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 4 2 Dissection of Specimen No. 1904 by StitchesAndThePen Dissection of Specimen No. 1904 :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 2 0 Octopus Eclipse by StitchesAndThePen Octopus Eclipse :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 3 0 Indigo Filler Characters 1 by StitchesAndThePen Indigo Filler Characters 1 :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 6 8 Payment for J-isatsu [2/2] by StitchesAndThePen Payment for J-isatsu [2/2] :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 3 2 Payment for J-isatsu [1/2] by StitchesAndThePen Payment for J-isatsu [1/2] :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 5 2 Fragile by StitchesAndThePen Fragile :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 6 2 2:03 AM by StitchesAndThePen 2:03 AM :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 2 0 Pomocuriosity by StitchesAndThePen Pomocuriosity :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 4 0 Bird Studies in Charcoal by StitchesAndThePen Bird Studies in Charcoal :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 3 0 Maizie, Cleo and Malcolm by StitchesAndThePen Maizie, Cleo and Malcolm :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 7 6 Ophelia Ref by StitchesAndThePen Ophelia Ref :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 3 0 Ailou by StitchesAndThePen Ailou :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 4 3 The Web by StitchesAndThePen The Web :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 7 2 Custom for JohnCena's3rdNipple [Sleeping Angel] by StitchesAndThePen Custom for JohnCena's3rdNipple [Sleeping Angel] :iconstitchesandthepen:StitchesAndThePen 9 0
I'm trying to free up inventory space, get some more variety and discard some pets that I really haven't been connecting with. It's sad to seem them go, but some of the pets I have I feel like would be better in someone else's hands. There's also a few items I want to get rid of. 

Eggshell Head: Ticket (Limited splice) 
Animatronic: Ticket (Limited splice)
Monster Companion: Ticket (Limited splice) 
Merle Marking (blue): Ticket (x 2)
Switchy Soda
Light Tea Shot



Unnamed 1 by StitchesAndThePen

Hemlock x Silvanus Litter [OPEN 1/4] by StitchesAndThePen
Female Canine
Dominant Splices: Goat Horns/Panda Markings
Passive Splices: Tapir Spots/Neck Fluff Clovers
Age: 5 years 


Unnamed 2 by StitchesAndThePen

Celosia x Doesinger Litter [OPEN] by StitchesAndThePen 
(Designed by Sacredfire200)
Female Canine 
Dominant Splices: Merle markings (black), Missing tail 
Passive Splices: Candle Spine, Saber Fangs
Age: 5 years

- Points 
- Years (10+ for pets)
- Items* 
- Pets*

*I'm going to be very picky with these because I'm trying to get rid of pets and items. 
With pets: Please do not offer any domestic animals, I have a habit of changing minor details on pets I adopt from others, so if you are uncomfortable with that (which is understandable), please do not offer pets. I will confirm with you before creating a new ref sheet of any design changes. 
With items: I'm open to a lot of items, but I'm probably going to be selective so it's best to just offer what you want and we can work out something from there. Also, feel free to offer items in combinations with other things! As for splice tickets, I like splices that don't involve "magic" (like Bubble Tail, Balloon Head, Fire Tail, etc.). Splices that only affect coat patterns/colours are low on the list. 
Here are some splices I REALLY like:
- Extra eyes, ears, mouths, limbs, etc. 
- Exoskeleton/Skeletal features
- Invertebrate mouth 
- Anything with the eyes (pupils, eye colour, sclera etc.) 
- Ear-less 
- Naked 
- Gigantism 
- Multiple heads 
- Long neck, legs, body, etc. 
- Any kind of specific species limb (such as: bird forelegs, different species head, etc.)
- Jurassic

Please note me or comment below if you're interested! 
This is for High Hope Garden members only!


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